Maria Deschamps Interview 2012

October 22, 2012    


Maria Deschamps
Son et image Magazine (Interview)
Project : Home Theatre in Candiac
October 22, 2012

How does the design start and progress during a home theatre project?
The first step was to meet with the client find out their specific needs… then survey the existing space to determine the area possibilities and challenges. Once our client made his equipment selection with Fillion Electronic, we get together to discuss a concept and bounce ideas off each other. The type of equipment plays a major role in the design, and together we ensure that the room has all the requirements for proper sound proofing, as well as good quality sound. The positioning of the seating for the best visual effects is also important in this theatre, the furniture is selected and put on AutoCAD and the custom design commences!

What was the biggest challenge in this project?
We were lucky enough that the space was clean with few architectural obstructions. Since the screen is fixed Fillion mounted speakers behind the screen. We also used this “pack-out” space to hide the equipment rack. BUT this took up to 2 feet off the length of the room, so adjustments had to be made in consequence.

You have worked with Bruno Cardinal for this project, tell us about the working relationship?
I work with a few different audio video companies; Bruno is definitely an expert in this field! He’s knowledgeable, technical and a pleasure to work with! I have had the opportunity to work with him for over 12 years now on multiple projects. The most challenging ones are usually the projects that turn out the best, because he always has a solution for every problem!

What does being a home theater designer represent for you?
I am very passionate about my work, and designing home theaters for me is my favorite type of project! I excel in challenges and love to design custom furniture tailored for the individual client. This client played a very important role, as the direction started with them, and our teamwork with Fillion and the other suppliers / professionals was the key to making it happen. The most rewarding part is seeing it complete!

In this project your client decided to work with professionals such as yourself and Fillion. What would you say is the advantage in hiring someone who specialists in home theater design?
Home theaters have many important factors to consider and it’s necessary to evaluate each one. For example, getting the best sound in a room is not achieved by simply adding acoustic panels. Sound needs to be absorbed and sound needs to travel, we obtain this effect by adding architectural elements combined with a balance of absorbing materials. As well, the distance from a screen has to be precisely calculated otherwise if you’re seated too close you’ll get dizzy, and if you’re seated too far you’ll be missing important details! Professionals who specialize in home theaters also have access to many, many different suppliers, and they have the relevant experience to validate them!